Wheelchair Restraints

Stay Safe in Your Vehicle With a Wheelchair Securement System

The Very Best Wheelchair Restraint Solutions

Utilize a wheelchair restraint system to ensure a wheelchair cannot move once put into place. Choose this system to hold a wheelchair securely on the floor of your vehicle without having to make significant structural modifications to your vehicle.
  • Make strapping in a wheelchair easier to do.
  • Avoid making significant and sometimes costly modifications to your vehicle.
  • Improve your independence and the convenience of transportation.

Don't Put Your Loved One at Risk

  • Q'Straint QLK - secure your own chair in place using a single point system
  • Q'Straint Locking System 
  • Retraktors FF600, FE500, and FF800 systems are the very best in securement services, including high quality, economical systems, and passenger protection methods.
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You can rest assured your wheelchair will be secured with our expertly installed wheelchair restraint systems.
Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair
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