Seating Aids

Gain the Mobility You Need With 
Assistive Seating Aids

Get Into Your Vehicle Safely With a Valet Seat

Valet seats are designed for practically every type of vehicle. Love those high riding SUVs? Pickup trucks more to your liking? It doesn’t matter. We can match your lifestyle and your vehicle with a turning seat that will deliver independence.

Both manual and powered rotation seats are available, providing ideal solutions for individuals who have difficulty entering and exiting today’s sedans, crossovers, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.
Girl in valet seat

Choose a Solution With Power Rotation

Check out The Bruno Turny Seat that swivels out of the vehicle using either a power rotation or manual power system.
  • Excellent solution for higher vehicles like SUVs
  • Reduce the need to climb, twist or otherwise fit into the seat
Ask about customizations that work for your particular vehicle or check out for more seating aid options.
Call today for a FREE consultation for your vehicle's seating needs.
Make modifications to your vehicle that allow you to transfer onto a seat and be lifted into a vehicle safely.
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