Minimize Risks with Lifts, Ramps,
and Hoists for Your Vehicle

Find the Lift System That's Right for You

Select the solution right for your handicap vehicle situation. You can count on Acadiana Handicap Solutions to help you to decide between available ramps and lifts that work to solve your concerns and limitations.
  • VMI/Ricon - 6 different lifts that meet most needs 
  • Hitch-mounted lifts
  • Interior lifts
  • Hoists

Lift Service Customized to Your Needs

Call today for a FREE consultation and discuss the limitations, struggles, and hardships you are having. Our experts will work one-on-one with you to help you resolve the problem.

You don't have to overspend, live with difficulties in your seating, or face a long process each time you need to go someplace. Turn to the experts that care about your satisfaction.
Call today to schedule your FREE consultation.
Choose from a range of products designed to make transportation far easier, even in the most complex of cases.
Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair
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