Driving Aids

Customize a Mobility Solution That Works for Your Unique Situation

Driving Aids to Help You Get Behind the Wheel Again

You can take control again by investing in hand controls designed to meet your needs, even when you think there are no options that can help. Choose from driving aids such as:
  • Electronic control systems 
  • Steering devices
  • Reduced steering effort
  • Improvement of parking brakes, including extensions for easy access
Unsure what kind of driving aid is right for you? That’s not a problem. Acadiana Handicap Solutions will work with you individually to determine the best possible solution for your needs.
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Hand Control Installation

Let us install hand controls on your vehicle, whether it's a truck, car or van, so you can operate the vehicle's accelerator and brakes with just one handle. Find the customized solution that works for you by calling today.
Call today for a FREE consultation for your driving aid needs.
Let our team of experts in adaptive driving aids help you to find the solution right for your situation.
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